Our Mission
The Sderot Media Center mission is to provide Israeli and international news media with on-site film footage and reporting of the kassam rocket attacks and their psychological effects upon Sderot residents. In doing so, we hope to spur international and local involvement with the community of Sderot, both on a financial and social scale, in order to help out the residents of this war-zone region.

Other goals include the following four points:

  • To forge identification and empathy between the western world and the residents of the western Negev
  • To initiate community projects that will alleviate the economic and psychological condition of Sderot and western Negev residents
  • To improve the security situation of Sderot and the western Negev through international awareness of the rocket fire
  • To create a balance in the news coverage of Israel and promote a pro-Israel attitude in the western and international media