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Click here to read the recent information on the Rocket fire from Gaza. Since the end of Operation Protective Edge until today.
Sderot Media Center
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Sderot Media Center
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Director: Noam Bedein

Sponsor a SMC Project
Sderot Media Center conducts a number of social and media projects for the Sderot community, made possible with the generous sponsorship of individuals from all over the world. Below are the projects for which SMC is currently raising funds for:

• Creative Arts and Media

The Sderot Community Treatment Theater: The Sderot Media Center has launched the 2008-2009 Sderot Community Treatment Theater, to help area high school students express their stories and relate their rocket experiences through the theater. The project includes a psychologist, social worker, and a theater director who guide the students as they produce their own script and play that they will perform.

Photography Workshops for Sderot Youth: Sderot Media Center is currently working to establish a group of area youth who, with the help of digital cameras, will document life in Sderot with the guidance of a professional photographer.

A professional photographer will instruct beginner students and provide them with the necessary tools for working with Photoshop and photo layout. The students will also gain upfront access to Sderot Media Center and will learn how a media center operates under real-time, capturing video footage, stories, and photos of Sderot residents living under rocket fire.

Photo Galleries: SMC is working on building four mobile photo galleries which depict the impact of rocket fire on Sderot. One gallery has been completed.

• Media Advocacy Projects

Children's Book Publishing Project: SMC is now engaging in publishing a children's book featuring the poetry of Sderot youth who participated in a recent Sderot Media writing contest as well as a DVD video of the contestant winners.

DVD Documentary: There will be a DVD accompanying the book, depicting the authors of the poems/short stories as they share their personal stories of their rocket experiences on camera. The DVD will feature the winning contestants--Sderot teenagers and young adults who will talk about their writing creations for the recent Sderot Media writing contest.

Digital Archive: SMC has a vast archive of videos, articles and other media material documenting the rocket reality in Sderot for the past two years. The goal is to turn this archive into an on-line archive accessible to journalists, students and those interested research the conflict in-depth.

• Visitor's Center:
During the past two years, SMC has hosted over 4,000 guests from around the globe, including diplomats, government officials, embassy personnel, foreign press and student groups.

Foreign Press: By expanding SMC's current office to include such a visitor's centers, SMC will be able to provide a central location for visiting journalists and press to obtain information and material on Sderot in an effective and comprehensive manner.

Ambassadors of Tomorrow: The visitor's center will serve as the location for SMC's student training program, Ambassadors of Tomorrow, an all day training seminar that provides Israel advocacy training for high school and college students in the field of media. Students at the end of the seminar will gain the knowledge skills necessary for presenting the situation in Sderot and southern Israel in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict on college campuses and other venues.

Presentation/Panel/Lecture Room: The new center will serve as a location for student groups and visitors coming to Sderot where SMC staff will conduct media presentations with SMC movies, panel discussions, and lecturers on the rocket situation.

Press Room: SMC will be able to conveniently hold press conferences on the rocket situation for visiting government officials, foreign press, and diplomats.

Operational Equipment: SMC is currently upgrading its operational equipment to provide professional and quality footage, video clips, and photo stills on the Sderot rocket situation for present and future projects in advocating for Sderot. Various foreign media networks, Israeli new sites, consuls, journalists, and diplomats have made use of SMC video footage and material. Below is a list of items with prices and website links. For the list of equipment, click here.

Sponsorship opportunities:

US Tax deductible Avenues:

Albert S. Golbert
601 W 5th St800
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2094
*Earmarked - Sderot Media Center Project

In the UK:

JNF, London- Head office
*Earmarked to the Sderot Media Center
Spring Villa Park
Edgeware, Middlesex

*Transparency: We work with a CPA, authorized to share records with anyone who asks to see them. We work with advisors, which include the head of the Sderot Business Association, the head of the Sderot Parents Association and the head of the regional mental health center. The bank account of the SMC : Bank HaPoalim, Sderot Branch no. 649 Account no. 480546
The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story.

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